Bullying can be defined as: Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance (as taken from https://tinyurl.com/jgshhpd {Stopbullying.org}

Yesterday, and almost everyday my child goes somewhere, this is something he and many, many others have to go through. It’s so sad to think about how a 4-year-old, 10-year-old…anyone have to go through that when they’re trying to figure out how to live life, and that’s when some decide it’s not worth it. I dont understand why some people are okay with making others feel less. No child, no person, is less than you are, nor is someone more than you. 

My son was playing with a friends child about wanting to marry her, a harmless 4-year-old thing to do. Right? Then, the other children were taking her away, telling him it wasn’t allowed…ect. Something very special about my son is how much he is an empath. Most people want to raise these boys with no emotions, with the whole, “don’t act like a girl” and “boys don’t cry.” If my son sees something that makes him sad, he will cry. If he sees someone upset, he will comfort them.

Then there’s these kids who don’t want to be bothered, and enjoy making kids upset. Bless my sons heart, he acted as though they were playing with him, even if he knew they were doing it to be mean, he still went along with it because he wanted their acceptance. The sad thing is, some of these kids were our church members kid, and family.

I don’t know how to help my son, or other children being bullied. I have been there. My husband has been there. We always went with ignoring, but for young children that’s hard, isn’t it? How do you ignore people you want to be friends with? 

To all those that need, I am here if you need to talk. Everyone needs someone, and I would rather be there for someone. 

As always as of late, I will share my gofundme, only asking for people to share it if you want. This is my way of helping my family, so I can continue to help other people and look actively for a job while I do. Thank you.

GoFundMe To Help With Unexpected Loss

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One thought on “Bullying”

  1. I agree that bullying is never an acceptable behavior. R3gatding the situation you me tuin3d, I spoke with several kids that took part in the “divorce” at the picnic. Each one, individually, told me that they were only playing and thought that your son was as well. The thing is, they are being taught that they are too young for marriage, so in 4th If eyes, he was playing and they were too. One even said that they didn't mean to ” hurt his heart”, and that they were incr3dibly sad that they did. I guess it's all perception. That being the case, though, where do we draw the lines so that play is t misconstrued and so that hearts aren't hurt? I wish I knew. In my eyes, it was all in fun, and not meant to be mean. I'm sad that he was sad, and if I had known that then, if have stopped it. Unfortunately, for him and the rest of the kids out there, pain will happen and it won't be easy in every circumstance to determine if it comes maliciously or accidentally. Im sorry that he was hurt. He's a sweet and tender boy and very compassionate, as mucha s a four year old boy can be, and I'm sure that kids who were involved in that situation that live him would never hurt him with intention. ( u less they wanted his sword. I. That case, it can get real, very fast!) Just k ow that he is loved beyond measure and that I will try to discern situations better so that none of our babies get hurt.


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