Review of: To the Bone

T.V. Rating: T.V.-M.A.
Platform: Netflix
Genre: Comedy, Drama
            I don’t know why they put this movie under comedy. It is not a comedic movie whatsoever. It has its ups, but not enough to call it comedic. Most of the “comedy” parts are the ones with Alex Sharp “Luke”.
            Overall the movie was good, but it isn’t precisely a movie for “entertainment” purposes. It’s based off of a disease, anorexia, and how a young girl, Ellen, portrayed by Lily Collins, attempts to get better.
            Considering that anorexia  is an epidemic amongst young people, both female and male, it’s a very good thing to watch with your teenager, even if it’s rated MA. It shows a bare truth to what anorexia looks like, from both the inside and out. It shows different family aspects, and talking to your teenager about how to deal with the stresses of life.
            To the Bone is very real, very raw. It talks about reasons to live, and how everyone deserves that chance. It even has twists and turns, things you would never expect.

            So…the rating? I would probably give it an 8/10. It’s similar to a couple other “uplifting” or movies about very, very real things. However, it is a movie all its own because there’s not too, too many movies that help or try to shine a light on anorexia.

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