How The Millennials Are Killing It As Parents

         Ahhh. The sweet smell of being a parent. The screaming. Being up all night. A lot of younger adults are deciding not to choose parenting, but some are still wanting to be parents. The older generations don’t like to look in our direction for anything, including parenting. Guess what? We are totally killin’ it.
            As my generation grew up, we didn’t see a whole lot from the world. That much is true. We got trophies for trying, we looked to be accepted. We watched live footage of 9/11, which hit home hard for a whole lot of us, but that was mostly the only disaster we saw. No one told us as we were growing up that our world was dying, that drug use would go up and we wouldn’t be able to find a safe neighborhood. No one even mentioned that life as we know it might get turned upside down. For the most part, we were happy.
            Now, we have this world falling apart, between diseases, government and shootings, who do we trust? What do we do? For a majority, we live. They go out, see the world and all its wonders before it’s too late. For some of us, though, we want to try and make the world a better place, but we also want to try and leave humans behind to inherit the world, as God intended.
            Yes, we had kids pretty young, regardless of the amount of times our health classes said not to have sex, said to focus on what we need  to succeed, but  we didn’t listen, much like other young children and teens don’t. No matter what age we had our children though, I think we are doing an amazing job, much better than what our parents or previous generation have done.

            We are raising open minded children who know more than just discipline. They know compassion, caring, and that they have their own minds. We struggled to find a voice, but we as parents pray to raise children who know their voice, and can use it whenever they need to, to whomever they need to. A peaceful, knowing generation. Generation Z will not be our last, but they will be the best. 

Author: theonlinemommyblogs

Aspiring writer. Aspiring actress. Aspiring singer. Inspiring.

2 thoughts on “How The Millennials Are Killing It As Parents”

  1. Good work, Janeene!

    I know you kids are getting so much done with your kids which those of us in the 70's, 80's and 90's only wish we did.

    A strong ally confidence is, just remember what Han told Luke – don't get cocky, kid. 😉


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