101 Activities to do When You’re Bored

1.Read a book
2.Read…another lol
3.Visit the library
4.Play video games
5.Clean the house
6.Take a shower
7.Go to a park
8.Go to a splash park
9.Get a vasectomy
10. Write a book
11.Go on a walk
12.Go on a bike ride
13.Play with your kids
14.Plays Sims
15. Paint pictures
16.Color drawings
17.Take a class
18. Go to the mall
19.Send letters
20.Send emails
21.Go on Omegle
22. Look up recipes
23. Start a garden
24. Watch old DVDs
25.Rearrange DVDs
26.Feng Shui your house
27.Brush the cat
28.Brush the dog
29.Give the dog a bath
30.Give the cat a bath (and beg for your life)
31. Start a collection
32.What Youtube
33. Start that Pintrest piece you’ve been wanting to do
34. Go to the gym
35. Work out at home
36. Make Youtube Videos
37. Start a Blog
38. Remake a myspace
39. Practice an instrument
40. Play the recorder
41. Binge watch on Netflix
42. Job search
43. Call friends
44. Get into Google+ groups and meet people there
45. Take a bath
46. Take a bubble bath
47. Learn how to make slime
48. Learn how to make jewelry
49. Lear a new language
50. Learn about different religions
51. Create music
52. Learn to code
53.Explore the web
54.Look up stuff online
55.Get caught up on politics
56.Watch Montel
57.Watch Maury
58. Cosplay
59.Make clothing
60. Practice accents
61. Take a nap
62.Practice drawing
63. Take tae kwon do
64. Go to a club and meet people
65. Watch Game of Thrones
66. Reorganize drawers
67.Get a job
68. Sell your possessions
69. Start a site
70. Make a Facbook group
71. Make a Facebook page
72. Create a meme
73. Do something stupid
74.Go bungee jumping
75. Research animals
76. Research different places on the Earth
77. Learn the Animaniacs song
78. Wash your windows
79. Wash your car
80. Make a list of things to do
81. Go shopping for stuff
82. Go food shopping
83. Go to Costco/Sams Clun for lunch 😉
84. Bathe your kids
85. Go to the beach
86. Build a sandcastle
87. Build an igloo in the snow
88. Build a snowman in winter
89. Make a hangout spot on your patio
90. Tweet
91. Instagram
92. Snapchat someone famous
93. Try SecondLife
94. Go through your clothes
95. Help the needy
96. Go to tent camps with items
97. Learn a new sport
98. Fold your laundry
99. Paint your room
100. Take pictures in nature
101.Dust your house

102.And finally…Go around poking people you live with

Author: theonlinemommyblogs

Aspiring writer. Aspiring actress. Aspiring singer. Inspiring.

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