Fort Casey, Washington State

This has been my second time at Fort Casey in Washington State by Whidbey Island, and now that I am writing, I feel I can write a decent review on it.


As I said, Fort Casey is stationed by Whidbey Island, and is a state park in Washington state. Though this is the second time I went, and previous times there hasn’t been a fee, there is now a $10 fee for state parks. This is a good thing to know for future endeavors.


Other than that, I think it was awesome. In three…maybe three and a half hours, we were able to eat lunch, and look around. We never made it to some bunkers, observatory or the light house, but even though, we did pretty well for timing and two children with us.


There’s ton of things to look at, on bottom you start with bunkers, empty areas and a lot of crevasses. Some of the doors are welded shut, for whatever reason. They probably want to keep certain stuff locked away, as to not be destroyed.


Walking up, you want to be careful. With small children, there’s some spaces that looks easy for them to fall. There’s also this “wonderful” thing called Capture the Flag that is played by the older children as well as the younger adults. It looks fun…for them. For others its obnoxious and dangerous. They run all over that they can, and they have no regard for others enjoying the park. There is a rule about them not playing that one of my friends who was visiting noticed, but there seems to be no actual enforcing of the rules there. That’s not their fault though, a lot goes into caring for a huge park area. The best advice I can give is to keep a great eye on children and be close in case you have to move them close.


All in all, the trip was fun. We got some amazing pictures and spent the day with people I haven’t seen in years. Pretty awesome.


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