Getting Closer to God

This may be one of the hardest things to talk about, mainly because I am still searching, debating, wishing, praying, reading, and my favorite thing, researching. I have had so much in my life without God, that it is super hard to do.


The first thing, I suppose is why I wanted to start trying to find God. My son, possibly the best thing on this planet, is the main reason. Granted, other family probably had a hand in it as well, but the majority is because of my son. He always wants to go to church and pray, he loves his bed time stories that have God and, now, loves the fact that his great grandfather is now with God and Jesus.


To help with my son, I have kind of started my own soul searching, so that it won’t be confusing for my son. Doing this, I have been reading a devotional each day and downloaded an app where you end up spending x-amount of days on certain things you may need help with, whether for marriage or for help with family. It’s been a great help.


Hopefully I can continue finding God in my own way, on my own time. I want to be the most best, God filled mother for my son before he gets too old to care.

Author: theonlinemommyblogs

Aspiring writer. Aspiring actress. Aspiring singer. Inspiring.

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