What are You Addicted To, and Why?

Addiction is defined by the Online dictionary; “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.” By the law of what this say, as I have said many, many times to friends and family, everyone is addicted to something, and more than likely that something is out to kill you. I am not even joking.


Some addictions that people think of would be alcohol, sex, and of course, drugs. All types of drugs like heroin, cocaine, and yes, even marijuana sometimes. There’s also some that people don’t think of like food, television, smoking, video games, and social media. Many teens and young adults are actually addicted to social media.


My addiction, I would have to say, is probably television, though as a teenager it used to be food.


As a teenager, food used to be a way of comfort. When I was 12 years old, one of my best friends, or my best friend at that point, had been killed, so I ended up turning to candies and other sweets to find some sort of comfort until I started figuring stuff out when I was 17. Then at 18, I had used it as comfort again. I was pregnant and my family was…lax in the support area.


Now that I am an adult with a child, I try to fight both my food addiction and my soda addiction. However, now I just want to watch TV when I am not busy, or when my husband gets home after a loooong day of parenting my prek child.


Regardless, I love my child, and I work on myself each day to get a little more better when I can. What are you addicted to?

Author: theonlinemommyblogs

Aspiring writer. Aspiring actress. Aspiring singer. Inspiring.

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