Mt Baker

Mt. Baker

Mt. Baker is so super gorgeous, and totally worth the drive. It was about a 2hour drive from Bellingham, Washington. While we didn’t go all the way up, that was only because it was about…maybe 8 or so when we finally made it to where we could. So, we were okay with the pictures we took and called it a night.


I will say this, if you hate heights, don’t be the one driving. Thank goodness, my friends know how to drive. I can’t but even if I could drive, I probably wouldn’t do this one anyway.


Please enjoy some of these Mt. Baker facts, and some pictures that we took where we were. It was so beautiful.


Mt. Baker Facts:

Elevation: 10,781ft. (we made it about 4,700 ft. or so…sadly not even half way.)


Located: In Whatcom County, over by Maple Falls, so don’t expect cell phone service until you get on top.


Last eruption: Over 6,700 years ago, currently on high risk watch


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