Children’s Eye Health Month

Did you know that September marks Children’s eye health month? Do you know how actually important eye health is to your little one? This is a huge thing that’s been active in my life, Little Chewy’s life, and I wanted to share our experience so that you may can consider your own child’s eye health.


First off, Baby Chewy wasn’t seen until he was between the ages 3 and 4, due to me thinking, “Hey…lazy eye is a normal thing.” Let me tell you, it’s not and so many problems can come from an untreated lazy eye. He had glasses for about a year, Big Chewy and I were never told what exactly was wrong with Baby Chewy’s eyes, but we assumed it was simply a lazy eye. The Dr. he saw wasn’t very good with children. Needless to say, I don’t think he sees children anymore.

Fast forward to this year. I felt confident, as a parent, that Baby Chewy’s eyesight was getting better. His eye wasn’t floating very much, and so I thought he was getting, like, way better. He has been acting out more, but that was just a normal thing for 4 to 5 year olds.



Trust me, it may be so, but not in this case. Sadly, I still didn’t know what was wrong until about a week ago. Now, let it be known that I had to force an answer out of the Dr’s, and I am working on finding out how significant his eyesight is.


Baby Chewy has:

Farsightedness; defined by MayoClinic: Has trouble seeing nearby items and usually has to squint. This can affect reading, writing and drawing. He’s going to be 5 soon and this already sets him up. Not only that but…


Astigmatism; the inside of the eye is curved differently


Significant Amblyopia: Lazy eye

With all these, the Dr wants to see Baby Chewy again to see if the treatment with the glasses is helping at all or if we need to look at something more. This explains acting out and throwing temper.

This is my plea if you’re a parent. Please make sure you take your child if you see early signs in their eyesight. Their eyes floating or being close, them saying they can’t see something, even squinting at a chalkboard.  A child learns with their eyes. Without sight, they will struggle and you won’t know simply because they weren’t tested.

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