Mental Illness

Mental illness can be hard to talk about but it doesn’t have to be. Mental illness can be in the forms of anxiety (social or generalized), PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome), eating disorders, depression, suicide attempts and more.

Anyone can develop or have a mental illness, including mothers. Personally I suffer with depression and anxiety. Some people like to see this as an excuse, but believe it or not it doesn’t make your life easier. 20% of moms develop post-partum depression after having a child, and PPD only happens within a month or so after having your child This means, if left untreated, it can become worse and then be just…depression. One isn’t too worse than the other, but remember that baby can feed off your emotions. So, if your emotions are all over the place, then baby might feel that way too.

The best thing to do when you feel off on the emotional track is talk to your doctor. They can help you get the help you need and connect you to the right resources to get that help. If you are having issues figuring out why to get out of bed, crying for no reason, not being able to rationalize your existence…please find help.

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