123 Tag Questions

I realized I don’t say much about my amazing husband and I, so here is a 46 question tag about our liveiness-ess, so you can get to know us better.


  1. Earliest to bed? Me. I usually go to bed around midnight, he usually around 1 or 2.
  2. Earliest to wake up first? Him….I kinda ask him to get Baby Chewy ready.
  3. How long have you been together? 12 years on and off. Let’s see…we broke up for about 4, in between then I had a child and he got married…then he got divorced and I left my state to be with him.
  4. If possible, what would your partner eat every day? Pizza, no joke. He’s done it.
  5. If your partner could be married to a movie star, who would it be? Betty White. I don’t know why, but I guess that is like…his favorite movie star lady person.
  6. If your partner could listen to one song for the rest of their lives what would the song be? That’s a hard question….probably something by Mr. Weeble.
  7. If your partner could choose one thing for you to get rid of, what would it be? Does my attitude count as one thing for me to get rid of? If so, that would probably be it.
  8. If your partner was ever in Jail, what would be the reason? Hurting someone to protect his family
  9. What city was your partner born? Oh geez…I don’t know. Somewhere is South Carolina maybe?
  10. What does the most housework? Um…depends. I separate, do dishes, vaccum and wash laundry. He puts away.
  11. What is your partner most likely to waste money on? Games. So many, many games.
  12. What is your partner’s eyes color? Blue that change color.
  13. What is your partner’s favorite cuss word? Probably the f word?
  14. What is your partner’s favorite movie? That ones hard. I know he likes Twister.
  15. What is your partner’s favorite thing about you? I think the fact I am caring and loving, even though I am overcoming my own issues. After he looks past that, we are very similar so maybe that too.
  16. What is your partner’s least favorite thing about you? Again, the attitude thing and because I am sometimes quick to anger.
  17. What is your partner’s most likely to get famous for? Playing video games.
  18. What is your partner’s most repeated sentence or phrase? “Come on!” {yelling at a game} Or “I love you” to me.
  19. What item of yours would your partner throw out at the first opportunity? He’s not mean like that, but maybe my make up because he feels I am beautiful without it.
  20. What was your first road trip together? We haven’t had one
  21. What’s your partner’s favorite song? Probably Leather Pants….
  22. What’s your partner’s favorite sports team? He doesn’t like sport so… GO HAWKS.
  23. Where did you meet each other? Online, believe it or not.
  24. Where did you share your first kiss? Airport.
  25. Where was your first date together? I think it was at Shari’s.
  26. Who buys the best gifts? I think I do, but now that he is working and has the money, probably him.
  27. Who calls their parents the most? Pffft. He lives with his parent.
  28. Who chooses where you eat for dinner? Me, because he thinks I am picky where we go.
  29. Who chose the current car? We have none, we use the bus.
  30. Who cleans the house more frequently? Umm…me.
  31. Who does the grocery shopping most of the time? MEEEEE. Absolutely. Let’s be honest, if he did the shopping, we would be living off of bread, pasta and chips.
  32. Who does the laundry? Me again. I wash, and he puts away.
  33. Who has the craziest family? I am not sure, honestly. I have a bunch of crazy Italians, but his side is crazy too.
  34. Who is better at keeping secrets? Him. I just can’t.
  35. Who is better at sports? Probably him, but I wanna say me because I lack hand eye coordination and he lacks the ability to be outside.
  36. Who is dresses better? Me. Note to Chewy: Ripped shirts don’t count as “church appropriate”
  37. Who is more likely to be running late? Him. He takes his time and I make sure we are on time.
  38. Who is more likely to get a traffic ticket? Neither
  39. Who is more likely to kill a spider? Him, I am way to scared to.
  40. Who is more romantic? Oh both of us. We both try.
  41. Who is pickier about where you live? Probably me. I want cheap rent and a decent neighbor.
  42. Who is the better cook? Me, microwaved isn’t a meal
  43. Who is the better dancer? Him I think.
  44. Who is the better kisser? Him with his soft lips.
  45. Who is the loudest? No doubt, me. I have no volume control.
  46. Who is the messiest? Tie there, we are both pretty bad.


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