Common Sense

So, recently I have seen a post going around about a mom who, on Twitter, was saying that it was getting difficult to potty-train her 3-year-old, which it isn’t easy. After this post, I guess there was one right after it, with her “threatening” to sell her child for $12.



Raise your hand if you’re a mom and have said this. Yes? Okay, moving forward.

The fact that someone called CPS on this woman is ridiculous, which is the least to say honestly. How can someone think this is actual human trafficking? I totally get that that’s an actual thing, but if whoever called actually looked at what was being said? That’s like my family telling kids we were going to throw them in chocolate ponds. Guess what? It doesn’t actually happen. The fact that Alex is a well known person, and was showing the truth in her struggles as a mother, so others could (and did) relate to it? There was no need for someone to be so nasty.

The good thing is this momma did what she needed to and the case was closed quickly, but it still shouldn’t have happened. Social media is becoming a norm, and if people are going to sit here and make false reports, that’s going to be scary, and we will just need to fight past it.

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