Catch Up

So, I am way behind. Let me catch you up, and we can go from there.

My aunt ended up getting some of her grandkids and needed my help, so I have been away trying to get them settled. Now they will need more help, but that is later to come.

I have also been working on a final, which I passed, for one class. Midterms were due as well, Baby Chewy’s birthday party, and Halloween, which was fun by the way.

The day is November 4th, and one of my most trusted friends would like me to try NaNoWriMo, but with my blog instead of the official site. How great is that though? I plan on catching up in the next few days, so expect 2 blog posts a day for 2 days or so, so that I can work on my “thankful” posts, which I am super excited for. Thank you for being so lenient. Love y’all.

Author: theonlinemommyblogs

Aspiring writer. Aspiring actress. Aspiring singer. Inspiring.

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