My Child

Things have been a bit hard lately. Baby Chewy is working towards being diagnosed, finally answers we have been waiting for. This has taken awhile. Not only have we been working towards answers, finally, but we have been wanting to make it so that he isn’t struggling as bad. 

One way we are doing this is I am learning more about ADHD, the different types, and how to help support Baby Chewy thrive, rather than just survive his diagnosis.  

There’s two types of ADHD. 1 is inattention without hyperactivity. The other one, or type 2, is hyperactivity without inattention. From the looks of it, we are dealing with type 1, and we will support him through this, as this is not his fault. As his parent and his main caregiver for the last 5 years, I feel it’s important to remember that it isn’t my fault either that this happened. I think it was always going to happen, and I have been avoiding it because “something might be wrong with my child.” Even with ADHD, there is nothing wrong with him, and I just have to stand tried and true with that statement.  

I love my child and I will always support him in any way I possibly can. Just have to take life one day at a time. 

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