National Pi Day is today. When I was 21, maybe even 20, I remember one of my friends, who just happens to really like math for whatever reason, used to have us listen to the Pi song. Yet, all I can remember is 3.1415…is that bad? Like, I know Pi is never ending, always there, always going and at some point it just repeats 2 numbers consistently for the rest of time…but I have no clue what all numbers are in there.


I told my son it was Pi Day…he’s now expecting Pi. This is what happens when you try to explain hardcore 6th Grade math to a 5-year-old…you get asked to provide Pi for Pi Day. I’m not sure why I expected anything less than that. Baby Chewy is smart, but math only goes so far for preschoolers.


Today is also the day of the walk out for 17 minutes. I chose not to be involved, mainly because I 100% forgot about it. Like, my English teacher for 95 said something when we walked in, saying if we wanted to participate, we could. I’m just sitting here like, “Oooooh….that’s a thing.” Not for me, since I am still recovering from surgery.


Surgery recovery is taking forever. Why? Because it took me 7 years of being out of my house (dang) to remember that I’m allergic to metal things…kind. Anything I have needs to be hypoallergenic. This explains why when I had my lip ring in that my lip would swell around my ring, and might even explain why my staples are super irate.

Hopefully Friday will be better rather than worse, and the staple removal won’t be terrible. The whole reason this happened was because I was a scardy cat from being cut open, now I’m terrified of getting staples removed. Luckily Big Chewy is off and will be with me the whole time. Positive vibes welcome. ❤

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