Benefits of Family Reading Time

       Family reading time is such an amazing time at my house. Just like my mother, I followed in her footsteps when it comes to reading to my LO, and he loves it. Sometimes my husband and I take turns with reading and prayer, which, in my house, coincide.
          We started having reading time with my son was about 2, he was pretty far in his language skills. Along with going to Speech Therapy, we added in reading almost every night with two or three books a night. At this point, he can almost read the books himself, without fully reading, of course.
          One of the best benefits is that it does help LO with language skills. Kids listen, even if they’re playing or falling asleep. At first, it’s just a jumbled mess, but then it starts to become language and they can start connecting their words together. As with everything, this will of course, take time. Therefore, the earlier the better. Reading may help your child excel when it comes to their language skills, which can be used later in life.

          Along with their language skills being much better, the next step is the fact it can start kids to read at a young age. Again, it will take time and it won’t be until about 3 or 4 years of age, but if you repeat read their favorite books, pointing out specific words, they will be able to point out the small words like “on, off, am, a, is, and it.” These are words they may not actually be reading yet per say, but its close enough to where all they should do is see the word to know what it says. This is a great practice for pre-k aged children.

          The last, and best benefit for family reading time is the fact you can have the whole family sit and read. Pass the book around with each page, whatever suits your fancy. Could just be children, mom and dad, but it can also include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved, and that’s just so super fun.


Bullying can be defined as: Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance (as taken from {}

Yesterday, and almost everyday my child goes somewhere, this is something he and many, many others have to go through. It’s so sad to think about how a 4-year-old, 10-year-old…anyone have to go through that when they’re trying to figure out how to live life, and that’s when some decide it’s not worth it. I dont understand why some people are okay with making others feel less. No child, no person, is less than you are, nor is someone more than you. 

My son was playing with a friends child about wanting to marry her, a harmless 4-year-old thing to do. Right? Then, the other children were taking her away, telling him it wasn’t allowed…ect. Something very special about my son is how much he is an empath. Most people want to raise these boys with no emotions, with the whole, “don’t act like a girl” and “boys don’t cry.” If my son sees something that makes him sad, he will cry. If he sees someone upset, he will comfort them.

Then there’s these kids who don’t want to be bothered, and enjoy making kids upset. Bless my sons heart, he acted as though they were playing with him, even if he knew they were doing it to be mean, he still went along with it because he wanted their acceptance. The sad thing is, some of these kids were our church members kid, and family.

I don’t know how to help my son, or other children being bullied. I have been there. My husband has been there. We always went with ignoring, but for young children that’s hard, isn’t it? How do you ignore people you want to be friends with? 

To all those that need, I am here if you need to talk. Everyone needs someone, and I would rather be there for someone. 

As always as of late, I will share my gofundme, only asking for people to share it if you want. This is my way of helping my family, so I can continue to help other people and look actively for a job while I do. Thank you.

GoFundMe To Help With Unexpected Loss

What Happened…

So, I made my last post…yay…

Then my husbands grandfather got sicker…and sicker…and sicker…

He recently passed away, and since, I have been mourning. Mourning what was, what was going to be, and what could have been. Mourning for my son, who thinks his Papa is going to come back, no matter what we or his therapist says. Mourning for my mother-in-love, who now only has her children to console her. Mourning for my husband, who has been busting his butt trying to provide for his hurting family. He hasn’t even been able to properly mourn or cry. 

So yes, this post will be for him.

I didn’t get much of a chance to actually GET to know Papa. I only knew what I saw of him for the 9 months we lived together. When I first moved to be with my hubby bubby, Grandfather was already in the hospital from having strokes, they were trying to get him better to come home.

After being homeless again, and again, we finally weren’t in October of 2016. We happily moved into a ground floor apartment and I stood to be Grandfathers caretaker. Was it easy? The answer is of course not. However, caretaking runs in my blood. My mother does it, my grandmother works in a hospital. It’s just something that doesn’t bother us. 

This man, though, made it so that I lived to make him happy, and that’s how I liked it. I’ve never grown so close to someone so fast before. We would sit and watch M*A*S*H, Criminal Minds, or whatever else he liked, and I would constantly keep his coffee cup filled. I never met a man like him, who liked BLACK coffee. Always. 

My heart hurts, even if I know he’s in a better place. The first day, my son tried to shake him awake. Luckily I was able to close the door and he went camping for a week. Though, now, he’s just expecting Grandfather to walk through the door. I think he knows it wont happen, but he can always keep his hopes up. 

Now it’s time for this Momma to worry. Worry about rent, worry about my family. I am trying to get a job, it’s not easy with my child and my mother in love, who is disabled. I know I will get one that works though.

I’m lucky enough to have a friend who is interest in raising money for us so, if I promise to write about something important each day, can you promise to share my link?

Write tomorrow then,


Blogging Again

Well, it has been a long time, hasn’t it? Luckily I am still here, or unluckily, however you see it. 

To catch up, hey! I am an online mommy, I am 24, married with a child, I frequently babysit another child, and now thinking about working at fostering. Why? Being a parent gives me joy, comfort, and it helps me spread love around the world. This world is already a dark and scary place, if you can touch enough hearts with how to love unconditionally, it would be much better.

This blog will finally be my sanctuary where I can write recipes, stories, crafts and tell funny things that the littles do. As well as give advice, of course. Who doesn’t like someone you can ask advice to? 

Ah, the littles. They’re funny buggers. Do your littles watch Peppa Pig? We livein the great US of A, and my child thinks hes from  the U.K. It’s great.

“Mom, here’s my swimming costume!!”

“Can I have a biscuit?”

Then trying to explain such things is even better.  He’s only four, so I let him get away with it for now.

What do your littles do that you love?