My Child

Things have been a bit hard lately. Baby Chewy is working towards being diagnosed, finally answers we have been waiting for. This has taken awhile. Not only have we been working towards answers, finally, but we have been wanting to make it so that he isn’t struggling as bad. 

One way we are doing this is I am learning more about ADHD, the different types, and how to help support Baby Chewy thrive, rather than just survive his diagnosis.  

There’s two types of ADHD. 1 is inattention without hyperactivity. The other one, or type 2, is hyperactivity without inattention. From the looks of it, we are dealing with type 1, and we will support him through this, as this is not his fault. As his parent and his main caregiver for the last 5 years, I feel it’s important to remember that it isn’t my fault either that this happened. I think it was always going to happen, and I have been avoiding it because “something might be wrong with my child.” Even with ADHD, there is nothing wrong with him, and I just have to stand tried and true with that statement.  

I love my child and I will always support him in any way I possibly can. Just have to take life one day at a time. 

First Post of the New Year

Good Saturday morning, all.

This is my officially first post of the new year, and I think I am slowly getting into a place where I can start writing again, one thing that I have read being something called Shitty First Drafts being the reason of my wanting to write.

As for updates, I had a migraine yesterday, ear infection today, but have til Tuesday to get my life sorted out, so its not terrible. I am getting ready to write my first big piece in my accelerated English class, and am kind of nervous because my teacher doesn’t grade every day, which is understandable, he has kids. Still, I don’t think 3 assigned papers in one day should sit for a couple days.

I’m very excited to be writing again, and think that I will be getting better with the class I am in. I will be posting twice, maybe 3 times a week, depending on how I feel, for now. When I am on break in March I might try for daily until school starts again.

Momma Shaming

Okay, let’s just bring this up, and it’ll probably be my week-long blogging.

Why do moms shame each other? If you think about it, there’s not one thing moms will all agree on. Think about it. Earrings? Breast or bottle? Cover or not?

Do you think you and someone else had the same answers? Probably not. Why can’t we, as humans and as mothers, work together, pull each other up, and help each other? Yes, informing is good, but calling people names, saying they don’t deserve to be parents, or anything of this sort is just uncalled for. Why do we think this is okay?

I don’t understand mommy-shaming, much like a lot of other things. It’s our job to change how we treat each other.


I know this looks bad. Don’t let it, I am not missing. Just the title of the post.

This time of the year, I feel like a huge piece of me is missing, which is all back from where I moved. When I moved to be with Big Chewy, it was a spur of the moment. I had two weeks to pack up my stuff, my sons stuff, grab my 2-year-old, and leave. The thing is I left and plan to never look back, as hard as that might be. Not that I am against my family, but I could never willingly move back when I know my son and I are possibly not safe, not to mention the huge drug epidemic home now has.

I miss a lot of people, because we had a lot of traditions. We used to have the peppermint pig, we use to do finding the pickle, too. That one was always fun. My plans this year is to at least incorporate the peppermint pig. Who doesn’t want to smash a yummy pig into little bits? It was always the highlight of our Christmas.

Actually, there was also the 7 fishes. That dates waaay back to when to Roman Catholics didn’t eat meat near Christmas time, so they had the Feast of Seven Fishes. I can say we definitely don’t do that, we just happen to be one of those Italian families that have incorporated it into our life. I remember one year my grandmother didn’t want to cook (though the running joke is she really can’t, but she can if she tries) she decided instead of another fish, since they brought 3, they also brought Swedish Fish. For us, that was good enough and counted as such.

I just wish I could go home for a holiday. I don’t get to see my brother, my mom or dad, or my grandparents, or my uncle with whom I grew up with, and now he’s raising his own look-a-like. The holidays were always big, and sometimes here I feel out of place, and it hurts. No one here seems to (want) to understand, since Baby Chewy was too little, Big Chewy has his mom who lives with us, and they have his aunt and all her kids.

I wish it was safe for us to go, but its not. That’s the thing I really wish, but I don’t know when It will happen. It sucks when I have grown up there, have friends there, have livelihood there. Here, I had to change my entire personality to be in a hippie town where you could probably literally see smoke from. (That is kind of an inside joke for anyone who is wondering.)

Well, there is my first emotional piece. Wish people warned you that growing up isn’t the best thing in the world like us kids think it is.

It sucks.

What to Expect for Blogmas

If I haven’t said it enough, Blogmas has started, indeed. I have a couple decent ideas, but they are subjected to change.

My goal is of course blogging every day (given) but I am also starting to be able to open up, so you might be seeing more personal things from me. Not that I can say anyone would or wouldn’t be interested in that, but it’s worth a try.


The winter season is upon us, and it has finally become unbearable.

Yesterday I went to help my aunt with her shed, we also blessed some moms that needed help. Two with a tree, one with a bed, and one for something else I couldn’t remember. Whatever it was, it meant something to all of the moms, and I am so glad we were able to help.

However, yesterday ALL DAY it did nothing but pour. It wasn’t too bad, but it was bad enough where I was soaked from head to toe, but the end of the 6 hours we spent going through this pod, I was basically a sloshing puddle of water and mud.

Today I wore a dress because I was interviewing and observing in a class, and it feels much, much worse than yesterday. I feel like it’s colder, more dreary. Thank God I don’t have to wake up and go out this morning. Baby Chewy can just come cuddle me and that will be our morning. Only two more weeks until his schools out, exactly a week until mine is out. Just gotta take it day by day.

Did I mention I am from Florida? Floridians don’t do winter. Sometimes I wonder why I moved to what seems like one of the coldest, rainiest places in the U.S.

Plus Size Winter Dresses

Looking for plus sized modest looks?? Look no further. Here’s a list of some gorgeous dresses I liked, and maybe you will too!




This dress you can find on:

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It comes in: Size 6, you might be able to find sizes 1-5 in store.




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It is: 29.00

It comes in: Sizes XL and 3X, though they may have more soon.


I hope you guys liked this. These dresses are too super cute, and I tried to locate ones that would be wallet friendly. Although the one from Torrid isn’t really, I love their clothing because of what awesome materials they have. I have never had a problem with their clothes.