So, a detox I think is needed. I’m going to be doing a web series trying particular stuff.
       The first thing I will be trying is the detox. Theres a 12 hr, 3 day, 7 day, ect…ect…ect.
       I kinda wanna take this….jump and do the 3 day, though I’m not sure that I will be able to. With the series, I’m kinda gonna document myself and go through my day, explaining how I feel and such.
       The reason I am doing this is not because I am big, even though I am. Its not to starve myself, or anything like that. I’m doing this because I want to see how it goes.

       People say fasting helps with bringing you closer to God, and your relationship with food. Gets your body in balance. So I mean…really, what does one have to lose?

Camping Weekend

Hey guys!! So, I was writing well for a little, but then a bump in the road because, well, life happens!
       Had a great weekend worshipping and helping my family with a fundraising event, attempting to raise funds to send my grandfather back to South Carolina, by means of his daughters, my aunt and mother-in-law. I think we raised a decent amount, but not nearly the $6,000.
       I was an interesting weekend, but I am so glad it’s over. I try, but I am not a camping girl at all. I successfully managed to sleep in a tent for about 3 nights, though. That’s a good thing, right?
       I think the worst thing was the fact there were thieves on the property, which we didn’t know until the first night. How scary is it when you are in a tent and right outside are people going through your stuff, with some of you still being awake?

             All in all, the trip was fun, but now I am gladly back to writing and back to my zone.

101 Activities to do When You’re Bored

1.Read a book
2.Read…another lol
3.Visit the library
4.Play video games
5.Clean the house
6.Take a shower
7.Go to a park
8.Go to a splash park
9.Get a vasectomy
10. Write a book
11.Go on a walk
12.Go on a bike ride
13.Play with your kids
14.Plays Sims
15. Paint pictures
16.Color drawings
17.Take a class
18. Go to the mall
19.Send letters
20.Send emails
21.Go on Omegle
22. Look up recipes
23. Start a garden
24. Watch old DVDs
25.Rearrange DVDs
26.Feng Shui your house
27.Brush the cat
28.Brush the dog
29.Give the dog a bath
30.Give the cat a bath (and beg for your life)
31. Start a collection
32.What Youtube
33. Start that Pintrest piece you’ve been wanting to do
34. Go to the gym
35. Work out at home
36. Make Youtube Videos
37. Start a Blog
38. Remake a myspace
39. Practice an instrument
40. Play the recorder
41. Binge watch on Netflix
42. Job search
43. Call friends
44. Get into Google+ groups and meet people there
45. Take a bath
46. Take a bubble bath
47. Learn how to make slime
48. Learn how to make jewelry
49. Lear a new language
50. Learn about different religions
51. Create music
52. Learn to code
53.Explore the web
54.Look up stuff online
55.Get caught up on politics
56.Watch Montel
57.Watch Maury
58. Cosplay
59.Make clothing
60. Practice accents
61. Take a nap
62.Practice drawing
63. Take tae kwon do
64. Go to a club and meet people
65. Watch Game of Thrones
66. Reorganize drawers
67.Get a job
68. Sell your possessions
69. Start a site
70. Make a Facbook group
71. Make a Facebook page
72. Create a meme
73. Do something stupid
74.Go bungee jumping
75. Research animals
76. Research different places on the Earth
77. Learn the Animaniacs song
78. Wash your windows
79. Wash your car
80. Make a list of things to do
81. Go shopping for stuff
82. Go food shopping
83. Go to Costco/Sams Clun for lunch 😉
84. Bathe your kids
85. Go to the beach
86. Build a sandcastle
87. Build an igloo in the snow
88. Build a snowman in winter
89. Make a hangout spot on your patio
90. Tweet
91. Instagram
92. Snapchat someone famous
93. Try SecondLife
94. Go through your clothes
95. Help the needy
96. Go to tent camps with items
97. Learn a new sport
98. Fold your laundry
99. Paint your room
100. Take pictures in nature
101.Dust your house

102.And finally…Go around poking people you live with

How The Millennials Are Killing It As Parents

         Ahhh. The sweet smell of being a parent. The screaming. Being up all night. A lot of younger adults are deciding not to choose parenting, but some are still wanting to be parents. The older generations don’t like to look in our direction for anything, including parenting. Guess what? We are totally killin’ it.
            As my generation grew up, we didn’t see a whole lot from the world. That much is true. We got trophies for trying, we looked to be accepted. We watched live footage of 9/11, which hit home hard for a whole lot of us, but that was mostly the only disaster we saw. No one told us as we were growing up that our world was dying, that drug use would go up and we wouldn’t be able to find a safe neighborhood. No one even mentioned that life as we know it might get turned upside down. For the most part, we were happy.
            Now, we have this world falling apart, between diseases, government and shootings, who do we trust? What do we do? For a majority, we live. They go out, see the world and all its wonders before it’s too late. For some of us, though, we want to try and make the world a better place, but we also want to try and leave humans behind to inherit the world, as God intended.
            Yes, we had kids pretty young, regardless of the amount of times our health classes said not to have sex, said to focus on what we need  to succeed, but  we didn’t listen, much like other young children and teens don’t. No matter what age we had our children though, I think we are doing an amazing job, much better than what our parents or previous generation have done.

            We are raising open minded children who know more than just discipline. They know compassion, caring, and that they have their own minds. We struggled to find a voice, but we as parents pray to raise children who know their voice, and can use it whenever they need to, to whomever they need to. A peaceful, knowing generation. Generation Z will not be our last, but they will be the best. 

50 Get to Know You Tag

Hey guys. Decided to do a “Get to Know You” tag post to kick off the weekend. Soooooo…here they are!!
1. What is your best friend’s name?
I have a few, but they’re mostly like sisters. Anna, Ayla, and Charity.
2. Who would you throw into the Bermuda Triangle?
My ex. So 100% my ex…
3. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
Open. We can’t close it lmao.
4. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?
Actually, I don’t. My husband might, but I do not.
5. Have you ever stolen a street sign?
6. Do you always smile for pictures?
I attempt to, but I have a bad case of R.B.F. (Resting B**** Face) So I guess I don’t….
7. Do you ever dance even if there is no music playing?
No because I cant dance.
8. How many people have you slept with this week?
9. What is your song of the week?
I listen to a lot of musicals, always.
10. Do you still watch cartoons?
Does Family Guy count? Then yes.
11. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
No, no I wouldn’t because I need all the treasure I could get.
12. Heels or flats?
Flats 😊
13. What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
Probably The Princess Bride
14. Last person you kissed?
My husband
15. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
If I was thinner, yes.
16. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
I actually write in a notebook all the time. Letter? Might have been 4 years ago.
17. Can you change the oil on a car?
18. Are you dating?
I’m married, but we dated for almost 11 years.
19. Describe your ideal proposal?
Hmmm…probably being taken out to dinner and being proposed to with fireworks in the background. Instead, I’m the one who proposed. At home. Then we fell asleep early.
20. Are you lazy?
If I don’t feel good, if I feel okay, I am quite the opposite.
21. How many languages can you speak?
1, almost 2.
22. Are you stubborn?
23. Ever watch soap operas?
Nope, no, nada. Not in my house.
24. Nicknames
Ginny, Harlequinn.
25. Ever used a gun?
Nope, never, ever, ever.
26. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
27. What color was the last bra you bought?
28. Does anyone know the password to your email address?
My computer hahaha.
29. Do you want any tattoos?
I want some but I hate pain, sooo…
30. Any strange habits?
I don’t know…I cant stand still. I have to sway back and forth.
31. What’s the worst abuse you have done to your phone?
I drop my phones…constantly.
32. What ever happened with you and your first gf/bf?
He was abusive and I finally figured that out.
33. How old do you think you will be when you have your first child?
I was 19.
34. Are you a risk taker?
Yes, because without risk, it’s a boring life.
35. What happened the last time you cried?
Yesterday, stress does that.
36. Honestly, are things going the way you planned?
No. Hopefully they will soon.
37. What’s your worst habit?
I’m a hypochondriac, so I am constantly checking little things. Constantly.
38. What’s your favorite thing about your gf/bf/crush?
His smell.
39. Have you ever bitten your toes nails?
No? I cant reach them.
40. Do you have any strange phobias?
Death. Is that a strange phobia?
41. Do you miss anyone right now?
Yes. My grandfather who recently passed on.
42. Who are you in love with?
My husband and my son.
43. What do you want to know about the future?
If theres going to be a WW3, honestly, so I know to prepare.
44. Have you already planned your wedding?
Planned it, had it.
45. Do people ever take you seriously?
Not usually.
46. Why do you have a blog?
I like writing. To me, its my thing.
47. How old are you?
24…I’m old.
48. What is the one thing you’ll never do again?
Smoke cigarettes.
49. If you were the opposite gender. What name would you like to have?
Probably…Jorah or some other name from GoT.
50. Which celebrity would you change lives with?
Hmmm…I have no clue, honestly
          Thank you for bearing with me with a 50 questions!!

Dear Future Children (Current son Included)

                        Though the thought of this is a current impossibility due to medical circumstance, I can pray that God will grant me more children with my current husband. If this is possible, this is both my letter to them, as well as my current son.

                        I am Mommy. That’s all I really aspire to be, it’s all I have ever wanted to be. I’m just a normal woman from New York who easily lost her way from a hard childhood. Not bad, just hard when childhood really shouldn’t be hard. Childhood should be easy, and fun. They shouldn’t have to raise their siblings or be kept in their rooms.

                        Your Nana tells me Daddy and I will raise a Kingdom of God, and that’s what I intend to do. God is real, and you all will know him in time. That being said, I also intend to raise you as open mined individuals. Yes, you will know the Lord, but you will also know that some people are different. Some women like women, some men like men, some people don’t gender-identify. Some don’t believe their biologic gender is proper. Did God mess them up? No. He did want us to learn to accept everyone though. Always know, God doesn’t make mistakes.

                        Schooling is important. I will love you not matter what, this is true, however you will go to school. Whether this is actual school or homeschool is up to you. Daddy and I have both been teased and hated school, but Mommy finished and Daddy had to get his G.E.D. which was just a little harder. Whatever lets you finish, you can do. I don’t even care what branch you pick to go off of, whether finance, arts, or fine arts, that choice is yours.

                        College is a requirement as well. Not because a higher education will get you places, although it might, but because it will give you time to get used to it before you hit the real world. The real world can be cruel and harsh, and children should be eased into it. Not to mention, you can learn a whole lot from college, from how to deal with people, to how to do certain maths. You never know when you will need this information.

                        Is Mommy harsh, sort of, but only because I want the best for you children. It’s my job to not only leave a good world for you, but to raise you so you can take over this world. I don’t want to raise you to be LIKE me, or to be like Daddy. I want to raise you to be way, way better than we are or were. You deserve to have every opportunity open to you. Travel, learn languages, do what you need to do to be the best you that you can me.

                                                                        Forever love,


Review of: To the Bone

T.V. Rating: T.V.-M.A.
Platform: Netflix
Genre: Comedy, Drama
            I don’t know why they put this movie under comedy. It is not a comedic movie whatsoever. It has its ups, but not enough to call it comedic. Most of the “comedy” parts are the ones with Alex Sharp “Luke”.
            Overall the movie was good, but it isn’t precisely a movie for “entertainment” purposes. It’s based off of a disease, anorexia, and how a young girl, Ellen, portrayed by Lily Collins, attempts to get better.
            Considering that anorexia  is an epidemic amongst young people, both female and male, it’s a very good thing to watch with your teenager, even if it’s rated MA. It shows a bare truth to what anorexia looks like, from both the inside and out. It shows different family aspects, and talking to your teenager about how to deal with the stresses of life.
            To the Bone is very real, very raw. It talks about reasons to live, and how everyone deserves that chance. It even has twists and turns, things you would never expect.

            So…the rating? I would probably give it an 8/10. It’s similar to a couple other “uplifting” or movies about very, very real things. However, it is a movie all its own because there’s not too, too many movies that help or try to shine a light on anorexia.