Tips for Fussy Eaters

Fussy eaters, at least to me, are actually pretty great. It shows that children are different, and that’s okay, and as parents, we need to show our children that its okay to be different and to not like certain foods.

The first thing to think about is if your child might not like the texture, this is a common reason why children don’t like foods. This would be things such as rice, quinoa, and cream of wheat or other gooey foods such as banana, puddings, or yoghurts. A good first sign is to watch what you give your child and see if there’s a similarity to their reaction and what you feed them.

Another huge thing is learning to respect both your child and their appetite. Something we as parents need to remember is that children are just small people. They have feelings and we just need to remember this. If your child wants a healthy diet change, such as not having dairy or meat, the best thing to do is to respect that and not make them have it, but maybe research new ideas. Not everyone likes the same thing and that’s the best part about being different.

Personally, I think a “no thank you” bite is always a must. Even if your child doesn’t want to, convincing them to take a “no thank you” or an adventure bite will show your child that it’s not bad to try new things, even if you don’t think you will like them. You’ll realize that, sometimes, your child might be surprised. Talking into, but not forcing, and explaining what this bite means, is a great way to get your child to agree to thing. By no means does this mean that they have to eat the whole thing, but just a bite so they know the flavors.

Learning how to make a lot of different things, and how to doctor it up, is a great way to get your child to eat things. A great example is that Big Chewy hates with a passion rice. However, with a lot of failures, I found out with cream of mushroom or chicken, some pepper and salt, corn and peas, he will eat the whole thing and come back for more.

I hope these tips helped you, and I know it’ll be long and tedious, but you’ve got this mama. I know you do.

Getting Ready

Sorry about the late post, I am fighting a major migraine and going to class, so it’s absolutely not fun. This post will be about how I am getting ready for Bay Chewy’s 5th birthday.

First off, I have never thrown him a birthday. I have had a little get together, but this year I am doing what I see as a big thing. Still doesn’t come close to what my cousin does for her son, but it is a start. Since he is still into it, I am seizing the year and we are making it a Paw Patrol birthday. In all honesty, I probably only spent about $150 altogether. I got a birthday banner, candy for goody bags, pin the badge on chase, a paw-shaped cake pan, Paw Patrol themed paws for his cake, and the goody bags and plates and such. Honestly, most of this was from the dollar store, and I couldn’t be more happy. The pan? From Hobby Lobby, and I got it for 40% off, so I only paid, like, $5.00 for it. I feel good about what I bought.

Of course, the reason I didn’t want to do this is because I don’t want Baby Chewy feeling like he doesn’t have a lot of people when mostly his family will be there. Can I just say that when I say our family will be somewhere, it can actually scare people? I am talking maybe 20-30 humans. Mostly children. To me, this thing is huge. I don’t even know who is going to be there yet, since it’s still about two weeks away.

I also got his cake kinds, which I am super happy about. They will be a chocolate and a blue funfetti.

I can’t wait for Baby Chewy to have his birthday party. Plus, I bought him a tablet, so he will be very happy, because we will be implementing learning on the tablet, which will also be used very, very little, since I don’t want him to be attached to electronics.

All I have to say is that I am very happy I thought of things early. Now I just have to make up goody bags and there we have it. This may be the least stressful thing in my life right now. Anything to make my Baby Chewy smile.

Baby Chewy’s Favorite Shows: Fall

We know children change their favorite shows all the time. We currently got rid of cable, so finding decent children’s shows has been interesting. Here’s some shows Baby Chewy has been watching.


  • The Rugrats (Hulu)
  • Phineas and Ferb (Netflix)
  • The Wiggles (H)
  • Mini-Might Force (N)
  • Jimmy Neutron (H)
  • Ruff-Ruff, Tweet, and Dave (H)
  • Super Why (N)

This is just a handful, but you can never be too careful when it comes to what our little’s watch. I recommend always being present when they use the T.V. Even with this list, I had to change some of the episodes fear of it being too scary.

Getting Ready in The Morning With a Demanding Preschooler

Morning stinks. That may just be me, since I grew up hating mornings. I will say, they aren’t much better with (a) small child/ren climbing all over you, ready for the day at 6 in the morning. It’s not ideal, but honestly, I wouldn’t give it up for the world.


Now, how in the world does a mom get ready for the day with a curious four-year-old following her about? Well…it’s not easy.


First, I can wake up to one or two children. It really depends on if I am watching my niece or not. Then I am happily dragged out of bed between 7am and 9am. No coffee for me, since I rarely like it. No, instead I get some water and argue with 1 or 2 children about what’s for breakfast. Eggs? Cereal? Go-Gurt, because they seem to think this is a breakfast food, no matter how many times I say no.


While they eat, yay, I can finally get dressed. Usually I will throw on a dress or yoga pants and a simple shirt, something quick and easy. No makeup…lucky if I remember to brush my hair when I walk out.

The only time I’ll straighten my hair or do some makeup is if my husband is home and I am feeling the need to feel good. Everyone, even parents, should feel good here and there, now and again.

Parenting is hard, it’s a sacrifice, but it’s something I could never see it out of my life. I would rather go 100 days without makeup, sleep, and straight {nice} hair, than one day with looking and feeling good and no child.

What are You Addicted To, and Why?

Addiction is defined by the Online dictionary; “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.” By the law of what this say, as I have said many, many times to friends and family, everyone is addicted to something, and more than likely that something is out to kill you. I am not even joking.


Some addictions that people think of would be alcohol, sex, and of course, drugs. All types of drugs like heroin, cocaine, and yes, even marijuana sometimes. There’s also some that people don’t think of like food, television, smoking, video games, and social media. Many teens and young adults are actually addicted to social media.


My addiction, I would have to say, is probably television, though as a teenager it used to be food.


As a teenager, food used to be a way of comfort. When I was 12 years old, one of my best friends, or my best friend at that point, had been killed, so I ended up turning to candies and other sweets to find some sort of comfort until I started figuring stuff out when I was 17. Then at 18, I had used it as comfort again. I was pregnant and my family was…lax in the support area.


Now that I am an adult with a child, I try to fight both my food addiction and my soda addiction. However, now I just want to watch TV when I am not busy, or when my husband gets home after a loooong day of parenting my prek child.


Regardless, I love my child, and I work on myself each day to get a little more better when I can. What are you addicted to?

Back to School

Only another week until my son starts school. It’s his second year of pre-k, due to some “awesome” state laws. As much as I could probably fight it, I think my son could use another year to become slightly more mature. Maybe he will grow out of temper tantrums before he starts Kindergarten.


So, to start before school, we have some cleaning up to do and hopefully this helps you, too.


  1. Time Management. Gee I suck at this one but during the summer, when you’re a stay at home parent, you don’t really think about this weird concept. You know, the sun stays out late, so do you and the kids. It just happens. If you start writing out and implying a schedule about 3 weeks before school starts, it should become an easy thing to follow during this school year. Does this mean during weekends too? Yes. Yes it does. It sucks, but then it won’t.
  2. Crock Pot meals. Pre buy, pre cook, pre package. Take out, put in a crock pot while feeding the kids breakfast and walk away. It’s that easy. This will also help with the prior Time Management part. With not having to worry about dinner every night, there’s more time to get the kids ready.
  3. Bed Time. Oh yay…the fun part. My preschooler must be in bed by 8:00pm, no if ands or buts. Hubby usually puts him to bed, mainly because certain children will only listen to males. My son happens to be one of them. Having them in bed at a decent hour will be best so they can have an A+ day at school.
  4. After School Activity. This is an important one, as there is always energy built up AFTER school lets out. It’s always a good thing for them to run out that stank. With the crock pot meals, it’s a possibility to take them to a park or maybe run an errand with them. Since we take public transportation, it’s an “adventure” to take our son anywhere and by the end of it, he’s tired out. Mostly because he is a busy bee and loves talking to people that we pass.


I hope this small list helps you blast off to an amazing 2017-2018 school year, I wish you and yours an awesome school year.