Mt Baker

Mt. Baker

Mt. Baker is so super gorgeous, and totally worth the drive. It was about a 2hour drive from Bellingham, Washington. While we didn’t go all the way up, that was only because it was about…maybe 8 or so when we finally made it to where we could. So, we were okay with the pictures we took and called it a night.


I will say this, if you hate heights, don’t be the one driving. Thank goodness, my friends know how to drive. I can’t but even if I could drive, I probably wouldn’t do this one anyway.


Please enjoy some of these Mt. Baker facts, and some pictures that we took where we were. It was so beautiful.


Mt. Baker Facts:

Elevation: 10,781ft. (we made it about 4,700 ft. or so…sadly not even half way.)


Located: In Whatcom County, over by Maple Falls, so don’t expect cell phone service until you get on top.


Last eruption: Over 6,700 years ago, currently on high risk watch


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Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement has become a huge thing in this day and age. It’s become a proven fact that corporal punishment doesn’t work, but it’s also been proven that doing nothing can create mean children. Here’s a list of positive reinforcements that can help calm a child down, and show them what the best thing to do is.


  1. Thinking time: Thinking time is maybe the best part of this whole thing. With thinking time comes so much more. This is talking to the child and having them sit, do something, and think about what they may could have done differently. This is something that children need so much so that they can think about what they need to do when they’re older.
  2. Drawing: Drawing during thinking time will help your child get into the habit of taking their emotions and taking them out into a positive way. This also lets their creative juices to flow. Creativity will keep them in a great mood, and will help them control their emotions.
  3. Reading: Reading is a great exercise for the brain, and your child will thank you. With reading positive material, it will help them calm down.

Back to School

Only another week until my son starts school. It’s his second year of pre-k, due to some “awesome” state laws. As much as I could probably fight it, I think my son could use another year to become slightly more mature. Maybe he will grow out of temper tantrums before he starts Kindergarten.


So, to start before school, we have some cleaning up to do and hopefully this helps you, too.


  1. Time Management. Gee I suck at this one but during the summer, when you’re a stay at home parent, you don’t really think about this weird concept. You know, the sun stays out late, so do you and the kids. It just happens. If you start writing out and implying a schedule about 3 weeks before school starts, it should become an easy thing to follow during this school year. Does this mean during weekends too? Yes. Yes it does. It sucks, but then it won’t.
  2. Crock Pot meals. Pre buy, pre cook, pre package. Take out, put in a crock pot while feeding the kids breakfast and walk away. It’s that easy. This will also help with the prior Time Management part. With not having to worry about dinner every night, there’s more time to get the kids ready.
  3. Bed Time. Oh yay…the fun part. My preschooler must be in bed by 8:00pm, no if ands or buts. Hubby usually puts him to bed, mainly because certain children will only listen to males. My son happens to be one of them. Having them in bed at a decent hour will be best so they can have an A+ day at school.
  4. After School Activity. This is an important one, as there is always energy built up AFTER school lets out. It’s always a good thing for them to run out that stank. With the crock pot meals, it’s a possibility to take them to a park or maybe run an errand with them. Since we take public transportation, it’s an “adventure” to take our son anywhere and by the end of it, he’s tired out. Mostly because he is a busy bee and loves talking to people that we pass.


I hope this small list helps you blast off to an amazing 2017-2018 school year, I wish you and yours an awesome school year.

Fort Casey, Washington State

This has been my second time at Fort Casey in Washington State by Whidbey Island, and now that I am writing, I feel I can write a decent review on it.


As I said, Fort Casey is stationed by Whidbey Island, and is a state park in Washington state. Though this is the second time I went, and previous times there hasn’t been a fee, there is now a $10 fee for state parks. This is a good thing to know for future endeavors.


Other than that, I think it was awesome. In three…maybe three and a half hours, we were able to eat lunch, and look around. We never made it to some bunkers, observatory or the light house, but even though, we did pretty well for timing and two children with us.


There’s ton of things to look at, on bottom you start with bunkers, empty areas and a lot of crevasses. Some of the doors are welded shut, for whatever reason. They probably want to keep certain stuff locked away, as to not be destroyed.


Walking up, you want to be careful. With small children, there’s some spaces that looks easy for them to fall. There’s also this “wonderful” thing called Capture the Flag that is played by the older children as well as the younger adults. It looks fun…for them. For others its obnoxious and dangerous. They run all over that they can, and they have no regard for others enjoying the park. There is a rule about them not playing that one of my friends who was visiting noticed, but there seems to be no actual enforcing of the rules there. That’s not their fault though, a lot goes into caring for a huge park area. The best advice I can give is to keep a great eye on children and be close in case you have to move them close.


All in all, the trip was fun. We got some amazing pictures and spent the day with people I haven’t seen in years. Pretty awesome.